VOIX ME is a leading Digital Campaign Specialist in the Middle Eastproviding digital strategies for growing business in online media. We provide smart ways to grow your business and we assure higher ROI with our right digital marketing strategies. We do SEO digital marketing, digital content marketing, digital marketing analysis, and digital strategy consulting.

VOIX ME Technology is an innovative technological solution founded by Red Hat Media Group. We provide innovative technology for web and app development with the latest UX & UI design. We make use of Artificial Intelligence(AI), Virtual Reality(VR), and Augmented Reality(AR), and other advanced technologies for Web/Application Development.

about us

Our Beginning

Red Hat Media Group was started in 2005 as a full spectrum company that designs and produces advertisements, Corporate Solutions, ICT-Solution, and provides Innovative Marketing Solution. The Red Hat Group began its journey by providing Magazine Advertising, Newspaper Advertising and have fully advanced its operation with the changing trends and is now the leading Online Advertising Agency.

Voix Me technology, in its initial years, had been a well-known provider of Integrated VOIP Services, VOIP Products, Hosted VOIP Solutions, Data Service, Software Solutions and have grown to be a leading full-spectrum producer of VOIP Products, Services as well as a back-office suite for services in the Middle East.


Our Products

Voix Me Technology is now a leading digital marketing agency in the Middle East for providing innovative technological solutions, digital campaigns, and digital strategies. We help businesses grow in GCC & all over the world through our unique digital marketing solution. We strive to be your Online Marketing partner with our all-in-one offers app-D4D Online which is now the leading advertising platform for displaying the latest shopping offers.

D4D provides an attractive, multi cross-platform for displaying instant flyers & offers digitally. It supports 11 languages and is spread across 6+ countries & regions with enhancive options for Product Categorization, Search and Share. Premium Push Notification feature and Promotion of your business through various Social Media Platforms make D4D Online an innovative hub for your online marketing needs.